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Unlike most, my love for cats did not begin in childhood. I liked cats as most young girls do, but I didn't have one and didn't really know much about them other than they were cute.

That changed when I applied to volunteer with my local shelter as a foster parent.  Drawing from skills I learned in nursing school, I initially focused on providing care for medical and palliative cases.  My joy in caring for sick and injured homeless animals quickly turned into a career changing fascination with feline behaviour, particularly in how stress, fear, environment and temperament factored into the rehabilitation process.


Over the last decade, I have studied feline health and behaviour, acquiring the knowledge and skills that have allowed me to work professionally with cats (and dogs too!).  Some of my work has included:

  • Managing all aspects of animal care, including training animal shelter staff and volunteers in medical and behaviour best practices

  • Creating and implementing feline behaviour modification plans in animal shelters.

  • Training and mentoring shelter and rescue volunteers with feral kitten socialization.

  • Performing feline behaviour evaluations for shelter and rescue groups.

  • Consulting on appropriate cage and group housing in shelters with a focus on stress reduction.

  • Consulting on post-adoption support programs for new cat owners having difficulty during the transition period.

  • Providing individual behaviour counselling for cats exhibiting aggression, litter box issues, destructive behaviours, nuisance behaviours, fear based behaviours, integration issues and compulsive behaviours.

With my services you are receiving a great deal more than care for your cat while you are away - you are benefiting from the professionalism and knowledge of somebody that knows cats. 

Heather - Owner

Stacy - Register Veterinary Technician, Professional Pet Care Provider

Stacy felt a deep connection to animals since she was a young child.  At age 13 she started volunteering at a local vet clinic, solidifying her passion for caring for animals.  Upon completion of high school, Stacy obtained her Registered Veterinary Technician designation from University of Guelph, Ridgetown.

Working in veterinary clinics, animal shelters and barns has given Stacy a unique skill set.  She has the knowledge to expertly care not only for domestic pets (including rodents, small animals, reptiles and birds), but also horses, cows and other farm animals.  She feels comfortable around animals of all shapes, sizes and temperaments!  

Stacy currently works on call with the Rabies Response Program, utilizing her RVT skills in the process of collecting suspect specimens for rabies testing.  Animal specimens collected for testing include wildlife, livestock, and companion animals.  

Stacy shares her home with her son, a goofy not-so-smart Rottweiler mix named Freddie, a snake, lizard, and a cat named The Hulk.  In her spare time you will most likely find her at the baseball diamond.

Carly - Professional Pet Care Provider

Bio coming soon!

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