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With dogs barking and dryers blowing, trips to the groomer can be a very stressful experience for cats!  With our mobile in-home comfort grooming services, those anxiety inducing (for you and your cat!) trips to the vet clinic or groomer are no longer needed. Utilizing positive reinforcement, respecting the limits of each individual cat and lots of patience, we provide a more pleasant experience for your minor grooming needs.   Our grooming services focus on function over fashion.  We don't provide fancy haircuts or bathing, but we will trim nails, shave out matts, clean up sensitive areas and provide preventive coat care to make your cat more comfortable.


Cat In-Home Nail Trims

​Rates:  $25 (each additional cat $8)

Cat Nail Trim FB Services.png

If the thought of getting your cat into a carrier and travelling to the vet or groomer causes you anxiety or your cat becomes a hissy demon when they are scared, this is the service for you.  We come to you so that your cat remains in their familiar surroundings, reducing both of your anxiety levels and ensuring a more pleasant experience. 

Cat Matt Removal/Sanitary Trim

​Rates:  Starting at $30 (depends on severity and length of appointment)

Cat Groom Acuity Picture.png

Our skilled professionals understand the discomfort and hassle mats can cause your feline friend. With gentle handling and expertise, we safely remove mats to promote a healthier coat and prevent skin issues. Additionally, our sanitary trims ensure your cat stays clean and comfortable in hard to reach areas or for those with long hair.  Includes nail trim.

NEW! - Dog In-Home Nail Trims

​Rates:  $25* (each additional dog $8)

Dog Nail Trim FB Services.png

Experience professional care and expertise with our in-home dog nail trimming service performed by a registered veterinary technician. Our priority is your dog's comfort and well-being, and expert brings years of specialized knowledge and skill to every session.

* $30 for initial assessment and nail trim

NEW! - In-Home Anal Gland Expression

​Rates:  Starting at $40

Anal Gland FB Services.png

Experience expert in-home anal gland expression for your dog, performed by a caring registered veterinary technician in the comfort and convenience of your home. Trust our skilled professional to alleviate your dog's discomfort with expertise and compassion, ensuring their well-being without the stress of vet or salon visits.

All prices are subject to 13% HST

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