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The following policies apply to all cat boarding services:

  • Our insurance requires that all cats be up to date on age appropriate vaccinations (FVRCP & Rabies).  Proof of current immunization will be required (not required for cat day care).

  • Cats must be free of any parasites, ringworm, or other highly contagious conditions.

  • Clients are responsible for ensuring that cats come with a sufficient quantity of food for their stay.  If more food is required to be purchased, you will be responsible for reimbursement of the cost of food, plus travel time and expenses billed at $10 per 15 minutes.

  • The rate is based on the number of overnight stays booked for your cat(s).  We do not charge for partial days or apply hourly rates.

  •  We only board 1-2 clients at a time and boarding appointments are often booked months in advance.  You are responsible for payment of all nights scheduled.  Early returns will be invoiced at the full amount as we are unable to make up for lost revenue.

  • Pick up and drop off appointments are available between 6-9pm daily.  Effective immediately, early morning drop offs are no longer possible.  I have very little flexibility to be able to commit to being home at a certain times during the day outside of the standard pick up/drop off times.  Please take this into consideration when booking boarding dates.  Pick up/drop off appointments accommodated outside of regular hours will be subject to a $10 additional fee.

  • All cats must arrive in a carrier.

  • Clients understand that 24 hour supervision is not provided to cats being boarded.

  • Cats will not be allowed outdoors under any circumstances.

  • You cat will have it's own room during its stay, however there is a resident cat and small dog that lives in the home.  

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