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The following policies apply to all cat sitting services:

Shared Care

We prefer not to share the care of your pets with anybody else.  Our sitters are specially trained to monitor the physical and emotional health of your cat.  We are unable to do this if others are going to be feeding or scooping litter boxes.  If other people will be entering the home during your absence and they are not responsible for the care of your pets, we ask that they not feed, scoop litter or perform any other care duties aside from socializing your pets.  Cats require routine and having multiple people caring for your pet can cause a great deal of additional stress on them. 


For the safety of our team, we must be notified of any person that may enter your home during your absence and when they plan to be there.  We will not enter the home if there is somebody else there.  If we need to return at a later time to perform services, you will be invoiced for an additional visit.  If we are not comfortable with the situation for any reason, we will contact you to arrange for a friend, family member or other service provider to take over care of your pet(s) for the duration of your trip.


When planning on a shared care arrangement, there are several things to keep in mind:

  • Sarnia Cat Sitter must be informed prior to scheduling that you are requesting a shared care arrangement.

  • We do not guarantee visit times except for cats requiring medication or other special needs.

  • Morning visits are not available for shared care arrangements.

  • Sarnia Cat Sitter must have the phone number and email address of any person(s) sharing care for your pet(s) prior to your departure.

  • We will not go longer than 24 hours between visits during a shared care arrangement. 

  • We reserve the right to decline a shared care arrangement for any reason and at our discretion.

  • You release us from all liability and services will be provided at your own risk.  This also applies when other contracted services will be in the home during the period of our contracted service with you.


Every Other Day Visits

We will not accept requests to visit pets every other day for first time clients.  Once we are familiar with your pet, we may consider these requests on an exception basis.  Such requests are based on many factors and may be declined if we feel that it compromises the care or wellbeing of your pet.  In cases where every other day visits are approved; we will only schedule Extended Visits during that service period.  We strongly discourage clients from booking every other day visits as many things can go wrong in 48 hours.  As such, you agree to release us from all liability and services will be provided at your own risk. 


Visit Times

With the exception of the requirement to administer time-sensitive medications, we cannot commit to be at your home at an exact time each day.  Morning visits are only available to those on a twice daily schedule or cats requiring medication. Due to traffic, weather conditions, visit routes, the unpredictability of circumstances at prior scheduled visits, our schedule must remain flexible.  To maintain consistency in routine for your pets, we make every attempt to visit your home during same window of time each day.



We are the busiest during the summer months, Christmas, March break and long weekends.  We strongly suggest that you book a meet and greet and make reservations at least 45 days in advance of major holidays. 


A $10 surcharge applies to all services booked on the following holidays:       

  • New Year’s Day (Jan 1)

  • Family Day

  • Good Friday

  • Easter Monday

  • Victoria Day

  • Canada Day

  • Labour Day

  • Thanksgiving Day

  • Christmas Eve (Dec 24)

  • Christmas Day (Dec 25)

  • Boxing Day (Dec 26)

  • New Years Eve (Dec 31)


Deposits are non-refundable for services scheduled between December 23-January 2.  See our cancellation policy section for details on our general cancellation policy.


Other Considerations

We recognize the unique needs of each client; however, we do reserve the right to impose conditions on our services if the safety and wellbeing of your pet and/or our sitters is compromised.  Such conditions may include:

  • Requiring two or more daily visits for kittens under 6 months, special needs animals or other situations where it is not safe to leave your pet unattended for 24 hours

  • Extending the visit duration if we feel that your pet is experiencing severe depression or separation anxiety, or we have concerns about their health.

  • Cutting visit times short if your cat is overly fearful of our presence or acts aggressively toward our sitters.

  • We are unable to guarantee which sitter will be visiting your cat.  Our schedules are constantly evolving and last minute changes to the assigned sitter may be made without notice.

Cancellation Policy

  • A 25% deposit is required for all home visit and boarding services.

  • Reservations will not be confirmed until deposits are received.  Scheduling is done on a first come first served basis and we cannot hold spots without a deposit.

  • Deposits are non-refundable if services are cancelled within 7 days for boarding and 48 hours for home visits.

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon prior to scheduling, once the service period has started early returns will be charged full price for all appointments remaining in the scheduled service period.

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